• Matcha Tea !The anti oxidant powerhouse is coming to Belinda McLeod Massage Therapy Essendon

    21 October at 07:04 from atlas

    What is Matcha ? A Japanese Green Tea that is prepared and drunk differently to all others teas as it is in a powdered form.

    Why have Matcha? Matcha is one of the healthiest drinks in the world;

    - high in AntiOxidants

    - EGCG is 3 times more than regular Green Tea

    - Lowers Cholestrol

    - Lowers Blood Pressure

    - rich in Amino Acids

    - Low in Caffeine

    - High in Potassium

    -High in Magnesium

    - Contains Zinc, Vitamins A, C, & E

    You can get all these in just having a drink there are many different ways to prepare Matcha, hot and cold. Considering other weather is warming up some great iced ways.

    It will be coming soon, currently just selling the single serve sachets for $3. If you are after any other information please contact me. I will be selling DoMatcha a really fantastic quality product which is very important.



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